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The feast of sounds

The Ukrainian Home hosts an exhibit of music instruments and equipment, Music for My Family
22 September, 2011 - 00:00

The program of the exhibit was rich, including the performances of Ukrainian and world musicians, workshops, autograph sessions, presentations of novelties, Drum Circle, competitions, etc. On the approaches to the Ukrainian Home you started to feel that you are getting into a special world, which notifies about its existence with the beats of African drums, urging the residents of Kyiv to take part in a music banquet, and with anticipation and interest you passed the border between the routine and creative sounds. A spontaneous jam session came to sight of the guests of the exhibit, when each person present could take an instrument and hear its sound (the organizers of the vernissage gave such an opportunity to everyone willing). And there was a wide choice: acoustic and electric guitars (Walden, Pearl River, Hamer, Michael Kelly), drums and percussions (Mapex, Roland, Zildjian), trumpets (Jupiter, Pearl River), flutes (Jupiter), violins (Pearl River, Gliga Violin), pianos (Seiler, Pearl River Roland), button accordions and accordions (Roland) etc. A huge place in the exposition was given to the so-called pro-audio (everything connected with digital sound recording, sound processing and preserving sounds and music with the help of PC).

Walking along the hall I discovered that all the instruments had their admirers. First, the piano sector caught my eye. I could not resist the temptation, sat at the wonderful black grand Seiler piano, and started playing my favorite melodies. Unwillingly, I was captured by the sound action and I became a participant of the whole music holiday without noticing it. My attention was caught by a little boy, who could hardly reach the keys, yet he was clinging to them, feeling great delight. Then his father too, seating him in his lap, started to improvise in a virtuoso manner. After feasting my ears on jazz melodies, I went to the percussions sector. The sight of it was no less enchanting. All the drums were taking an active part in the general “concert.” Further you could see a sector with wind and string instruments, and accordions and button accordions as well. Only a few people dared show their mastery there (because of the specifics of sound formation, and here you need professional skills of a musicians). Next went the guitar sector, which “covered” you with melodies for all tastes: rock, flamenco, blues, country, etc.

The exhibit was organized by the Eurythmics Company and World of Music Instruments Tik-Tak. The autograph session given by Kuzma Skriabin was a gem of the first day, which also featured the performances of Ukrainian and world musicians. Everyone who visited the vernissage of Music for My Family was overfilled with emotions, and people eagerly shared their impressions.

“We are sure that the future of the Ukrainian state in cultural and social spheres depends on the possibility of the modern families to harmoniously develop,” press secretary of the exhibit Iryna Plekhova underlined. “Today, owing to music art our country is taking one of the central places on the map of the culture world. At the same time even an amateur’s interest in music helps in comprehensive development of a child, who can choose in the future a qualitatively new level of life. It should be noted that the current interest in music instruments is based on the modern methods of organizing the education process, which helps children and adults to properly organize their leisure. Music has become accessible, which has been proved by the teachers who, jointly with the guests and families, created their own music circle of partisans, which is gradually enhancing. Everyone could choose an instrument and try their hand as a real musician, and this is an unforgettable impression both for children and grown-ups.”

P.S. September 29 through October 1 Kyiv will host the Ukrainian Music Fair at the National Complex “EKSPOTSENTR UKRAINY,” Academician Hlushkov prospect, 1, pavi-lions 1,2,3, 7, and 9.