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A selfie with The Beatles in Vinnytsia

Numerous interesting photo locations have been established in the city before the holidays
20 December, 2017 - 18:17
Photo courtesy of the author

On the New Year’s Eve Vinnytsia looks especially nice in the photos and its residents are making a good advantage of it. Since the city’s residents love taking photos, before the New Year the city has been filled with new interesting locations.  On St. Nicholas’s Day the New Year village has been launched at the city’s Independence Square for a month’s time. Three new houses are located in the venue, New Year’s Workshop, A House of Tasty Things, and New Year’s Residence. The areas for photo shooting and a light installation have been established, too.

 During the New Year’s events a new location will be functioning in the city, the Liverpool Square, which was built this year. It includes the Vinnytsia New Year’s Mail Service and interesting photo areas, where you can have your photo taken with The Beatles and their Yellow Submarine.

The fir-tree markets have been decorated in a special way this year in Vinnytsia. At eight locations where one can buy the symbol of the New Year creative photo shooting areas have been established, because apparently many visitors come not as much to buy something as to take some pictures and post them on social media.

By Olesia SHUTKEVYCH, Vinnytsia