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Dante “moved” to Kyiv...

A monument was constructed on the occasion of the 750th birth anniversary of the famous Italian poet and thinker
14 December, 2015 - 17:38
Photo by Borys KORPUSENKO

The opening ceremony was organized by the Italian Embassy, the Italian Culture Institute in Ukraine, Dante Alighieri Society, and the Kyiv City State Administration on the occasion of the anniversary of Dante Alighieri (1265-1321). Dante was one of the most universal figures in European and world culture – a harbinger of the Renaissance era, the founder of modern European literature.

The participants emphasized that this monument shows the respect Ukrainian people have for this literary figure, who is extremely important for Europe and the world. This construction is a symbol of cultural ties and long-term good relations between Italy and our country.

The project brought together Ukrainian and Italian specialists. Monument (about two meters tall), designed by sculptor Luciano Massari, was manufactured by Italian company Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo out of Carrara white marble. The architect of the project is Leonid Maly (Ukraine). The lighting for the sculpture was made by iGuzzini (Italy).

Sculpture is installed in the park zone of Volodymyr’s Hill, near the intersection of Triokhsviatytelska and Kostiolna streets, on which stays the Roman Catholic Church of St. Alexander, designed by Ludovico Stanzani, Italian architect, chief architect of Kyiv in 1833-47.

By Tetiana POLISHCHUK, The Day