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“Dnipro artists managed to see the Carpathians in their own way”

Lviv’s gallery Zelena Kanapa hosts the exhibit “Painted in the Mountains”
6 February, 2018 - 11:00
Photo by the author

The exhibit shows the attempts of three Dnipro artists to tackle the subject of the Carpathian Mountains. “Dnipro artists managed to see the Carpathians in their own way. Their plein-air paintings have mountains of expression. The mastery the painters have acquired in many years allows them to create the impression of incredible lightness and movability in their studies. It gives a real delight to the connoisseurs of impressionism and all the derivative trends painting to see a million varieties of impressions and images of a natural landscape,” the gallery’s owner Olesia Domaradzka says.

 The exposition includes works by Olha Lokatyr, Maria Hrim, and Oleksandr Vasylenko. They are all pedagogues. But, apart from this, they have a common feature – drawing landscaped from life. This in fact prompted them to spend a lot of time in the Ukrainian Carpathians in order to create their landscape masterpieces. “Painted in the Mountains” is the first presentation of their artworks in Lviv.

A total of 40 landscapes are hanging on the gallery’s walls. They have all been painted in various nooks of the Carpathians in the past few years. Some of the works also show Lviv.

The exhibit will remain open until February 11.