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The Herald of Life

Another mural, this time depicting crows, has been completed in Kyiv
25 November, 17:32
Photo from Native Kyivite Club’s Facebook page

The capital has got another mural, located in 7b Reitarska Street. The work turned out to have a very fitting subject for its location, since artist Oleksandr Brittsev painted crows on the building’s wall, precisely in the famous courtyard with aviary where these birds live. Among a flock of black-feathered crows, a “white crow” is standing out. According to the creator, the white crow is a symbol of good news and the birth of new life, and it is surrounded with black crows, who are among the wisest birds on Earth. Brittsev named his work The Herald of Life. The mural itself, measuring 12 by 12 meters, took the artist almost 10 days to complete.

Brittsev painted murals before, and his street art has historical and philosophical subtext. One of his most famous works, created in cooperation with other artists, was a cycle of retro landscapes painted on blank walls in courtyards of Donetsk in early 2013. As the artist noted then in an interview with Podrobnosti, “we specifically chose the antique-looking technique of engraving, as we tried to promote memory of our history, of the city which was called Yuzivka.”

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