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Life-giving “Fountains”

The works of Pavlo Makov, graphic artist, are presented at exhibition in Lviv
16 May, 2017 - 11:46
Photo by Roman BALUK

The display at Andrei Sheptytsky National Museum was brought by Pavlo Gudimov’s Ya Gallery Art Center. Announcing the exhibition, the organizers recalled that Makov created the “Fountain of Exhaustion” in 1995 – a life-giving symbol as part of a grand series “UtopiA.” For the first time this image emerged in the picture Collecting Sap, which was published in the author’s book entitled The Book of Water (1994); according to the artist, it “appeared almost without any participation on my behalf, and it shaped my further developments for many years ahead.” The composition of the picture matches the human anatomy and the map of Kharkiv city rivers in the place where the Kharkiv flows into the Lopan. The image was further developed in several artworks collectively entitled “Place. Fountains” (1995) – a kind of a map of Kharkiv’s water supply structures, none of which was operational at the time. Eventually, the “Fountain of Exhaustion” materialized in bronze and has frequently been part of the landscape in the works of different series.

Pavlo Makov’s exhibition “Fountains” will be open at the National Museum until June 14, and it is not going to be the only event in Lviv, which involves the artist.

May 11 saw the opening of the exhibition “DIARY/Graphics/Processes/Books” at Ivan Franko Lviv National University. The staff of the Department for Cultural Work at Franko Library told The Day that the exhibition features new works by young artists from Kharkiv and Lviv, who are working in easel graphics, as well as the graphics by Pavlo Makov.

This creative project continues the display of Kateryna Sadovshchuk, Volodymyr Havrysh, Maria Havrysh, Anastasia Starko, Yevhenia Liubchyk, Aliona Shostko, Maria Vynohradova, Valeria Likhachova, Olha Babak, Vasyl Savchenko, and Bohdan Pylypushko after their residence with Pavlo Makov, during which the artists shared experience, studied the graphic tradition of eastern Ukraine, and contemplated on their views in the context of live communication and observation.

By Tetiana KOZYRIEVA, Lviv