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Music cooperation

Ukrainian band Druha rika and Turkish Mor ve tesi hold a joint concert and present a new song
22 September, 2011 - 00:00

Recently rock music buffs had an opportunity to get a double dose of adrenalin. Two popular rock bands, Ukrainian Druha rika and Turkish Mor ve tesi (Turkish musicians who gave a bright performance at Eurovision in 2008), gave a joint concert in Kyiv. The buffs started to gather 1.5 hours before the beginning. But 1.5-hour waiting was totally recompensed by 2.5 hours of live sound, while each band presented their drive concert programs, consisting of their best songs. Notably, during the concert you could not feel from the audience’s mood that two bands were performing and singing in different languages. The language barrier was recompensed by the live sound and heartfelt performance of the songs.

The organizers of the creative project told The Day that by this music cooperation they wanted to show that quality rock music does exist in Ukraine and Turkey. They succeeded in this, and the audience perceived their repertoire with enthusiasm.

The front man of Druha rika, Valerii Kharchyshyn explained that he came up with the idea to sing together with the Turkish musicians after their Eurovision performance in 2008: “The guys performed really well. We liked it very much. A year after we decided to make friends with them, share our thoughts and music.” As a result the bands jointly created and recorded the song “The World on Different Shores” in Ukrainian and Turkish. During 2010 they were working on its creation separately. Later they met in Istanbul and the song was recorded in a matter of a week. Its presentation and shooting scenes for the future music video took place during their performance in Kyiv. Thus the participants of the concert will also become part of the two bands’ new joint video.

“The project of the bands Druha rika and Mor ve tesi is a significant event for the two countries, which are cooperating in the sphere of contemporary music for strengthening cultural relations between Ukraine and Turkey,” the attache on the questions of culture and information with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey to Ukraine Berat YILDIZ emphasized after visiting the concert, “It is also important that the members of the bands are united not only by the music, but also by the active work in the social sphere. Both bands are regular supporters of charity projects aimed at improving the life of the local population.”

By Natalia BILOUSOVA, The Day