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Olena Starikova’s silver medal

The Ukrainian cyclist has already won a second medal at the summer sports European Championships
9 August, 2018 - 12:15

The European Championships continue in the Scottish city of Glasgow. In the track cycling program, Ukrainian cyclist Olena Starikova won a silver medal in the 500 meters time trial (an individual timed race), www.sportonline.ua reports. This is Starikova’s second silver in these European Championships.

Earlier, she won silver in the team sprint event while paired with Liubov Basova. Thus, the medal count of Ukraine’s team as of the morning of August 7 included 13 medals, with 4 golds (1 in swimming, 1 in synchronized swimming, 1 in cycling, and 1 in diving), 8 silvers (2 in cycling, 1 in rowing, 4 in synchronized swimming, and 1 in swimming), and 1 bronze (in rowing).