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Playing with body and light

What impressed us at the beginning of the Ukrainian Fashion Week’s 42nd season
7 February, 2018 - 16:34
Photo by Borys KORPUSENKO

The winter wardrobe not only can be colorful, but ought to be so. It was proved by recognized masters as well as new stars of the industry at the very start of the new Ukrainian Fashion Week (UFW) at its traditional venue of Mystetsky Arsenal.

In total, 55 fashion designers will showcase their 2018-19 fall-winter collections from February 3 through 8. The organizers of the fashion week define their priorities as effectively maintaining the authority of Ukrainian designers at the international level and drawing maximum attention to the new generation of fashion designers and its extremely compelling creativity.

In line with many years’ experience, Lilia Pustovit has set a high bar for colleagues with her show which opened, as usual, the festival of fashion and beauty. The new Poustovit brand collection is called “bio luminous.” Her hero is a person who plays with nature easily and carelessly, like a child, they upgrade their body as if it was a device and confidently go into the future. Such “bio luminous,” according to the designer, have their own light coming from the inside, are lively, colorful, and unique every day.

Pustovit created an appropriate shimmering ornament that resembled the depths of the water and placed models in it. The materials and colors used for suits and dresses in the collection are very diverse: brilliant and smooth fabrics, colors of the sea wave and the summer sun in contrast to black and white. The ensemble was supplemented by prints with plant twigs, as a reminder that we are still part of nature.

After Pustovit’s show, the first day program was continued by the brands Elena BURENINA, GOLETS, Dastish Fantastish, GASANOVA, the COAT by Katya Silchenko, NADYA DZYAK, DOMANOF, and FROLOV.

In addition to collection shows, every day of the UFW is full of special events and presentations. The Fashion Tech Ukraine platform, launched in 2017 to accumulate innovative developments that are useful for the fashion industry, continues its work. This season, the organizing committee also created a practical platform, where leading Ukrainian retail industry experts tell how to set up sales for one’s brand. This information will definitely be useful, because the Fashion Week will be visited by stylists, buyers, and retailers representing globally known brands and platforms.

One should definitely visit the new format showroom at Mystetsky Arsenal, the spaces of the Fashion Week’s partners and presentations of special projects. An interactive timetable is available at the UFW’s website.

Den/The Day has long been convinced that reason is the main element and an integral part of a style; therefore, this newspaper has for many years been a media partner of the UFW. Of course, this season has been no exception. Thus, we invite fashionistas to the Media Space, where you can read fresh issues of our newspaper and its glossy supplement Route No. 1, as well as books from Den’s Library series.