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Preparing for Christmas

Den/The Day was invited to the backstage of Hryhorii Veriovka Choir
22 December, 11:57

The famous group is now rehearsing a new program “Christmas Walks through the World,” which will be presented on January 10 and 11 at the October Palace in the capital.

“The plot of the concert has the Ukrainian house visited by neighbors: Slovaks, Moldovans, Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians – everyone who has already celebrated Christmas, because for example in Transcarpathia the celebration starts on December 23, and then continues until January 22. People go visit each other’s homes and bring congratulations with all the New Year’s holidays,” says Zenovii Korinets, CEO and artistic director of the Hryhorii Veriovka National Academic Ukrainian Folk Choir. “So we called our program ‘Christmas Walks through the World.’ Our symbolic ‘house’ will also be visited by Crimean Tatars. The concert will feature different acts, but the vast majority of them are carols performed in original ethnic folk arrangement combined with vocal and choreographic scenes, which synthesize folk tunes with modern methods of composing and arrangement. You will also hear the legendary ‘Shchedryk,’ one of the most iconic arrangements by Mykola Leontovych, known not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world as ‘Carol of the Bells’ (Ukrainian Bell Carol, Ukrainian Carol), and the best Christmas songs of different nations. Thanks to modern decorations and visual effects, the audience will immerse into a Christmas fairy tale. This program will continue a good tradition of visiting each other with carols on holidays. More than a hundred artists will participate in the show, skillfully performing carols and Ukrainian folk songs. Our creative project is aimed to revive folk traditions of celebrating Christmas, raise the patriotic spirit and national pride. We invite everyone to the concert ‘Christmas Walks through the World’ and we will carol together. We wish our country God’s blessing, joy, love, and peace!”

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