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“Preserved” reality

Lviv presents Oleh Davydenko’s conceptual project
26 September, 2017 - 10:50
Photo by the author

Lviv’s gallery “Zelena Kanapa” (“Green Sofa”) is hosting “Preserves,” a project by artist Oleh Davydenko. This is the first time the exhibit is held in Lviv. The author even had to touch up some works on the night before the exposition was opened.

In general, Davydenko stands out against the background of the local art school. As he himself points out, all forms have a content of their own regardless of the subject and, therefore, every art intends to become nothing but a form of music. This approach to artistic work prompts him to create abstract art and conceptual projects. One of such projects is “Preserves” which he began to devise as far back as 2006.

To create his works, Davydenko applies a technique of his own: he fixes 3D objects on the canvas with an epoxy solution. He thus manages to “preserve” reality. And the “preserved” things spread the aura of mystery and a surrealist meaning content. The artist uses unserviceable things, garbage of sorts on the borderline of existence and the dump, in his works. You can see pens, paintbrushes, toys, etc., in his pictures. Besides, some pictures consist of butterflies and all kinds of beetles.

“The works of this project are relieved of the burden to be called true paintings. Davydenko has switched from painting to the level of stimulating and fixing reality. The principle of the relativity of boundaries has absolutized itself – reality turns into art by itself. Oleh believes that reality cannot by conveyed adequately but it can be preserved,” artist and “Zelena Kanapa” owner Olesia Domaradzka said.

The exhibit will remain open until October 8.