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This is the name of Serhii and Davyd Biba’s joint exhibit in Uzhhorod
18 June, 2018 - 17:31
Photo illustration by Natalia PAVLYK

An exposition of over 20 pictures by the well-known Transcarpathian master Serhii Biba and his schoolboy son Davyd has opened at the Consulate General of Slovakia in Uzhhorod.

“To create is to search. Our life is a never-ending process, movement, and learning. This is why the exhibit is named so. Maybe, the next one could be named “Process 2,” for we will go on looking for something new, moving, and, hence, being in process. I’ve been in abstract art for many years, and every time I’m trying to find a different line, a different harmony, for it is interesting. But my son is searching for himself, and he’s also trying a realistic manner. In my view, the process of drawing a picture is communication. My work and I communicate: we reciprocally complement each other,” zakarpat.brovdi.art quotes Serhii BIBA as saying.

The exposition consists of oil and acryl pictures in an abstract style. Slovakia’s Consul General in Uzhhorod Miroslav Mojzita emphasized that it is not the first year works by Transcarpathian and Slovak masters of the paintbrush are displayed on the consulate’s premises.

Incidentally, Serhii Biba is member of the National League of Ukrainian Artists and winner of the Yosyp Bokshai and Adalbert Erdeli Prize (for the “Shifts” series).

He works in the genre of painting, graphics, and installation. His main artistic trend is avant-gardism that has dozens of varieties. The artist experiments with the form, colors, and texture. He is always in a creative search of new techniques and ways of self-expression.

Almost geometric multicolored planes and semi-abstract forms dominate in the compositions. The author boldly plays with them, often without naming his works, thus giving the viewer an opportunity to feel and interpret what he sees on his own (“Cross,” 1995; “Psychomatics,” 1996; “A Time to Fly,” 1997; “A Bright Beginning,” 1998; “Lost Sounds,” 1999; “Communicative Solution,” “Sunlight Spot 2,” 2001). The role of color is not only a constructive element for the artist, but also the strongest emotional factor of his canvases.

The artist’s works are kept in the museums, galleries, and private collections of Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, former Yugoslavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Israel, Japan, and the US (https://zakarpat.brovdi .art/khudozhnyky/myttsi-zakarpattia/biba-sergij). Davyd Biba is still a schoolboy, but he has already done a lot of works. The boy works not only with oils and acryl – he is also trying himself out in graphic, pastel, pencil, and watercolor.

The exhibit will remain open for two months.