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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

“You are the salt of the earth, its essence – a woman!”

Under this name MARCO Gallery announced an exhibition dedicated to women – ATO soldiers, volunteers, and medics
25 February, 2015 - 17:35

The exhibition presents the artwork of Volodymyr Sliepchenko. The collection includes narrative paintings, landscapes, still lifes, portraits of women and “Selected by Time,” a specialized author’s series. The canvases demonstrate a peculiar artist’s technique, the Art-line. Sliepchenko conveys an image through the brevity of short lines – the horizontal ones expressing movement, color, space, and parallax. As a result, the paintings emerge as three-dimensional and are not isolated from the reality. “This exhibit is an anthem to a woman,” emphasizes Sliepchenko.

The biblical metaphor of “The salt of the earth” as the most virtuous and deserving people, which gave its name to the display, is underlined by the portraits of the most influential Ukrainian women – Lina Kostenko, Ada Rohovtseva. Yet the most prominent is the portrait of a military pilot Nadia Savchenko, now captive to Kremlin.

“Perpetual motion is not invented yet, but at least in the art scene the works of such artists as Sliepchenko are a perpetual source of emotions and philosophical understanding,” says Andrii Bekh, co-organizer of the exhibition. “Looking at the picture one can see precisely the same Nadia’s look as we saw at the mock trial in Basmanny court, where guilt and innocence got mixed up. After all, what is the guilt of defending her country? I am certain that Nadia will return from the Russian dungeons alive and well! Also, it is very important to remember not only warrior women, or volunteers, or medics, but those who are waiting for their husbands and sons to return from the war in the East.”

The display was attended by Vira Savchenko, the heroic pilot’s sister, who said: “Nowadays our nation is facing the trial of integrity; for 23 years we have been told that we are a faulty country. Now we must take the test. It is important to pay attention to women warriors. The picture itself might be a little different from the photos you saw on the Internet, but her inner expression, her psychological portrait shows boldness. It is how Ukraine herself gazes at her enemy. There is no fear, no regret – only inspiration. I anticipate Nadia’s release and Ukraine’s victory!”

“Nadia is resolute. She may have her weight drop to 40, to 30 kilograms, but she will not break. Let those who are against her lose their strength, temper, dignity, and decency, what little of that they still have. The diasporas from all over the world are diligently providing the international support. Ilya Novikov is going to visit her soon and he will give her the photo replica of this portrait,” continues Vira.

Through March 23 the visitors may browse the artwork, purchase Sliepchenko’s postcards and albums from different periods of his artistic career, as well as participate in the auction of his paintings. The funds raised from the auction will be donated to volunteer programs and to the medical care for the wounded in ATO.

By Natalia VUITIK, photo replicas courtesy of MARCO Gallery