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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

Iryna Chuzhynova

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10.11.2014 - 17:54
Vlad Troitsky learned long ago to surprise and stir up audiences and theater critics because he always works in a big way, with due account of the world theatrical market. There are many examples of this: Ukraine’s only actual art festival GogolFest, a well-hyped ethno house group DakhaBrakha...
09.04.2014 - 17:29
During the several months of protests in Kyiv Maidan a group of young dramatists who call themselves “new Ukrainian drama” not only took an active part in all events, but also recorded history on cameras and voice recorders. Participants and winner of festivals “Week of Topical...
12.04.2012 - 00:00
Large-scale international conference “Les Kurbas and International Theatrical Context” took place in Kyiv. This event organized by the Les Kurbas National Center for Theater Art is just one of the stages of artistic and educational project dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the...
29.03.2012 - 00:00
The important date, 20th anniversary of Ukraine’s only professional theater prize, Kyiv Pectoral, annually awarded on the International Theater Day at the Ivan Franko National Theater, predictably failed to become a landmark event not only for the capital, but even for the theater public. However,...
29.12.2011 - 00:00
One of the unmistakable signs of the winter festive season is the appearance of attractive and vivid fairy tale plays, which put children as well as grown-ups in a holiday mood, on the playbills. A premiere of the new version of Cinderella, based on the play by Evheny Shvarts, took place at the...
03.02.2011 - 00:00
At the end of last year the artistic head and founder of the Left Bank’s Theater of Drama and Comedy produced the Three Sisters based on Anton Chekhov’s work. The production was unique and sincere, and made the audience laugh through the tears and cry with compassion. The actor’...