Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№29, (2001)

23.10.2001 - 00:00

Crimea to receive new refugees from Uzbekistan and solve remaining problems

Yalta has hosted a workshop, Repatriation and Integration of the Crimean Tatars, organized by the Committee on Migration, Refugees, and Demography of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

President for Independent Constitutional Court

President Leonid Kuchma believes that the “non-implementation,” by Verkhovna Rada, of the decisions of the all-Ukraine referendum of April 16, 2000 will have “negative political and moral...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

World Through the Cameras Of Enchanted Photographers

The First International Photo Shop opened in Rivne’s House of Scholars. Among its participants is Oleh Ohorodnyk, one of the prizewinners in The Day’s Day of Millennium photo contest. There are...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Zherdytsky Case Still Open

On October 15 the Lower Saxony State Court in Hildesheim, Germany, resumed hearings of the criminal case against Viktor Zherdytsky and Ihor Didenko, a former top executive of Naftohaz Ukrayiny. Mr....
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Crimea Sets Parliamentary Record of 30 Minute Session

October 17 witnessed two events at practically at the same place, which only seemed unconnected. A session took place in parliament and Crimean Tatars staged a meeting in front of the Supreme Council...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

KAMYANETS-PODILSKY: Crossroads of history, politics, and architecture

REFERENCE “Kamyanets-Podilsky, a town of oblast rank in Khmelnytsky oblast, a district center. Located on the banks of the river Smotrych (Dnister tributary). Founded in the eleventh or twelfth...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Credit of Trust

The American-British military operation in Afghanistan and the Russian plane crash over the Black Sea are two absolutely different and absolutely far from equivalent events that have in common only...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Reflections of a Euroskeptic

The European choice is gradually becoming a sacral question for Ukraine. Unfortunately, it increasingly resembles the dogmatic slogans of the Soviet leadership, such as “We stand for universal peace...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Majority Returns to Pass Amendments to the Elections Law

On October 17 the likelihood of passing the restated elections bill, returned to parliament by the president, remained low. It was only after the leaders of ten factions and group met with Leonid...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Smuggling began in Ukraine in 1759

There are many things, processes, habits, and traditions in our contemporary life that extend their roots deep into the far past. Moreover, it is often known with certainty that they emerged long ago...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Destroyer In the Role of Unifier?

Socialist Party Chairman Oleksandr Moroz has proposed to the leaders of other political parties and coalitions the creation of a single election bloc to change Ukraine’s political system into a...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Revising Security

The challenges of new times, of the new millennium, have made it necessary for every state to reconsider its concept of national security, Yevhen Marchuk, Secretary of the National Security and...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Game Found, Points Lost

Beaten by Liverpool at home, Dynamo Kyiv retains a purely theoretical chance to continue playing in the Champions League and European cups in general. There are still some options left, but it will...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Political intolerance today

Newspaper publications inevitably draw a wide circle of readers, even those with openly declared or purposefully concealed social denial. A typical example could be the article “Huckersterish...
23.10.2001 - 00:00


Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, who visited the Russian capital to inaugurate the Days of Polish Science, looked pleased. And no wonder, for it was for the first time in many years that he...


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