Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

№29, (2001)

23.10.2001 - 00:00

Tons of dangerous metal could remain in Kyiv forever

On October 19, a special commission was established with Ivan Fomenko, first deputy of the Kyiv City Administration, at the head to examine the ecological situation at the Radykal Plant (Desniansky,...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Monitor of Egocentrism

Without doubt, an exposition of interactive projects became the focal event of the Kyiv International Media Art Festival (KIMAF), held at the Modern Art Center. Such exhibits have become traditional...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Zirka WITOCHYNSKY: “Any regime is frightened of a conscious society”

She is one of those who believe in Ukraine and acts accordingly. In 1996, she left Paris to settle in Ukraine and has been here ever since. She comes from an emigre family and is now the proprietor...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Question of <I>The Day</I>

Yevhen HOLOVAKHA, head research fellow, Institute of Sociology, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences: I consider this a direct consequence and indicator of the level of political culture our...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

The Ukrainian Soccer Federation board and executive committee decide to convene an extraordinary USF congress

Hryhory Surkis, President of the Ukrainian Soccer Federation (USF), has announced that an extraordinary USF congress will be convened to take up the formidable challenges the federation leadership is...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Depositors to be Indemnified, Age Notwithstanding

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court has found unconstitutional the age limitation imposed on depositors with the former USSR Oshchadbank (savings bank) seeking to recover their savings. The Constitutional...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

The Politicians of September: Kuchma, Kinakh, and Medvedchuk

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, Prime Minister Anatoly Kinakh, and First Vice Speaker Viktor Medvedchuk top the September’s list of the most influential Ukrainian politicians. Monthly influence...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Ukraine Threatened With Becoming Technological Dumpsite?

Despite its own substantial technical and scientific potential, Ukraine has been widely buying obsolete foreign technologies. In the opinion of Anatoly Morozov, President of the Ukrainian Academy of...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Kept by Neighbors

I was recently forced by circumstances to do the long-overdue Herculean work of looking over the books I have been collecting almost all my life. As time went by and I grew older, once-read and well-...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Ukraine Supports Palestinian Statehood

“Ukraine has always supported the aspirations of the Palestinians to create their own state,” Foreign Minister Anatoly Zlenko declared on October 15 during a joint press conference with the Minister...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

This week in history

October 23: 1921. The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church was revived. 1990. Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR ratified an amendment to the Constitution, canceling the Sixth Clause on the...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Ivan DRACH, “I haven’t forgotten how to write verse”

On October 17 Ivan Drach turned 65. He has gone down in the history of Ukrainian literature as a poet of the rebellious sixties, but it would be unfair to compress his talent into this framework only...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Zlenko Tours South Caucasus

A Ukrainian Foreign Ministry official described Minister Zlenko’s tour of countries in the South Caucasus as unique. He obviously had in mind the scope of issues discussed as the foreign minister...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Mail from abroad gets under strict control in Ukraine as US anthrax frenzy unfolds

Additional preventive measures have been stepped up in Ukraine as envelopes containing anthrax spores are mailed to the USA. As Ukrposhta (Ukraine’s state postal service) Security and Control Service...
23.10.2001 - 00:00

Rushailo: Tu-154 Tragedy Will Not Affect Russo-Ukrainian Relations

Vladimir RUSHAILO, chairman of the state committee of inquiry into the Tu-154 crash, rules out the possibility of Russia raising the matter of getting Ukrainian air space under control in the...


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