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The Classic Fairy Tale – an Alpine horn and an antique cello

A charity concert of world stars will take place in Kharkiv on December 23
18 December, 2017 - 16:21
Theodore KUCHAR / Photo courtesy of the author

The star night will be held for the sixth time, as musicians from different continents have been coming to this country to offer masterful performances and help raise funds for medical equipment for local hospitals. As the organizers of the event told The Day, the program, which will be presented at Kharkiv Opera, will include masterpieces of classical music. For instance, the audience will hear unique instruments – an Alpine horn and a 322-year-old cello created by the Italian master Matteo Goffriller.

“This international project promotes classical music and introduces children and adolescents to outstanding works (by the way, most of the seats in the auditorium are provided free of charge to children from boarding schools and orphanages, as well as those from low-income and large families. Over these six years, we have acquired many partners who act as patrons of orphanages and boarding schools, including by providing transportation for them),” Olena Yeriomina told us. “Some children have seen the Classic Fairy Tale before, and they already know what instruments are playing, remember the names of the works, and are beginning to understand classical music. Introducing children to the classics is one of the goals of our project. The proceeds from the sale of 40 percent of the seats go to the Care Charitable Foundation to fund the purchase of medical equipment. It is then transferred to children’s medical institutions or children’s wards of Kharkiv hospitals. We have already helped the cancer ward of the Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1, the children’s cardiac surgery ward of the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital, the cardiac surgery ward of the Zaitsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery, and the neurological ward of the Kharkiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. This year, our assistance will go to the children’s operating room at the Kharkiv Shapoval Regional Clinical Center for Urology and Nephrology.”

According to one of the founders of the Classic Fairy Tale, violist and deputy director of the Slobozhanskyi Youth Symphony Orchestra Oleksandr Dvornychenko, “many world stars have agreed to take part in such an unusual project.”

The following musicians will come to Kharkiv this year:

• Laszlo FENYO (Germany) is one of the world’s best cellists, winner of many famous competitions, professor at the Cologne Higher School of Music who tours around the world. He will play a unique cello which was created in 1695 by one of the most famous luthiers, the Venetian Matteo Goffriller.

• Arkady SHILKLOPER (Germany) is a famous horn player, composer, and arranger. He usually plays jazz, but dabbles in classical music as well. He will bring to Kharkiv an Alpine horn – a unique instrument that somehow resembles the Carpathian trembita. The horn is made from a totally straight fir trunk. Initially a folk instrument, it has gradually become part of classical music: for example, Leopold Mozart and Ferenc Farkas wrote pieces for it.

• Daniel AUSTRICH (Germany) is a famous violinist playing in the Michelangelo Quartet and teaching at the Cologne University of Music.

• Sergiy DVORNICHENKO (US) is a clarinetist, winner of many competitions in the US and Europe. He is one of the four Ukrainians who graduated from the Yale University as full scholarship students. He performs solo and in orchestras, and also teaches.

• Theodore KUCHAR (US) is a well-known American-born conductor of Ukrainian origin (his parents stood at the origins of the Ukrainian diaspora in the US). The maestro is currently considered to be one of the best conductors. He also teaches and plays viola.