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Dakh Daughters release a debut album

Vlad Troitskyi’s fosterlings are going on a tour to France
8 December, 2016 - 11:32
Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day

The first album of the ardent band is called IF, the title is derived from the eponymous composition based on a well-known poem by Rudyard Kipling – and it begins with the text by a member of the band, Zo, whereas the lines from the poem by Pavlo Tychyna can be heard in the refrain, “The shadow is fading, there is a shadow somewhere…”

“As we were setting out on such a difficult and new for us path as the recording of an audio disc, we discussed a lot what should we take from our rich repertoire,” the members of Dakh Daughters told cultprostir.ua. “It was hard to pick, because each song is different and is in a sense important to us. After we discussed everything thoroughly with our director Vlad Troitskyi, we chose, in our opinion, the most topical songs for today.”

The girls also said that they listened to the advice given by sound producer Irena Stetsenko, “She introduced us with a wonderful team of sensitive sound men from Bambrafone in ZvukoCeh, sound engineer Denys Abramenko, Andrii Shakhadynets, who did the recording, and Denys Yambor, who held the mastering. Namely with them we had unforgettable hours, experiencing for the first time the process of studio recording,” Dakh Daughters admitted.

Besides, they noted that after listing the program for the disc they understood that it is quite literary, because it included the songs based on the poems by Kipling, Bukowski, Semenko, Zhadan, Eliotte, and Zo. “We could not ignore the composition ‘Take’ to the poem by Serhii Zhadan, because the topics it broaches reverb the most with our life in Ukraine here and now,” the performers say.

The album IF doesn’t include such hits by Dakh Daughters as “Rozy,” “Hannusia,” and “Zozulytsia.” The members of the freak cabaret explained, “On the web there are works dedicated to these compositions and videos (not from live concerts), which are living an active and independent life. Maybe we will record their audio versions later.”

At the beginning of December the girls are launching a new joint project with Parisian circus Terabak in Kyiv. And in April they plan to go on a small Ukrainian tour with a play Antigone, during which they will give a few concerts.