Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert
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History and I

29.12.2011 - 00:00


George Shevelov wrote the article “Moscow, Maroseika” in 1954 in Boston. At the time, the USSR was pompously celebrating the 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with...
29.11.2011 - 00:00


Back in the early 1970s, Seventeen Moments of Spring became the Soviet Union’s true WW II spy blockbuster series. The main hero, Standartenfuehrer Stirliz, actually an intrepid, resourceful...
29.11.2011 - 00:00

“All I can say is: THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!”

How many Ukrainians know that in Mykolaiv there is a monument to Viacheslav Chornovil? Do you know that Mykolaiv has the first in Ukraine large virtual city project which is the interactive art...
29.11.2011 - 00:00

Commemorating Mykola Kolessa

It is the fifth time that the Lviv Philharmonic Society is gathering famous musicians on the stage of the Stanislav Liudkevych Concert Hall within the framework of the International Festival of...
24.11.2011 - 00:00

Why the deadly famine occurred, or comprehending the Ukrainian Holodomor

Historiography plays the key role in comprehending the Holodomor. If the former manages to answer the Holodomor-related crucial questions on the basis of undoubtedly authentic sources, politicians...
18.10.2011 - 00:00

A night at the Sandarmokh burial site

Having come by train from Kem to Medvezhyegorsk (which was already Karelia’s territory back then), I immediately rushed to the Sandarmokh forest massif, as I did not want to put this off by...
18.10.2011 - 00:00

An “unlucky Hetman”

“From Bohdan to Ivan there was no Hetman [in between].” This Ukrainian saying, suggesting that all leaders of Ukrainian state during the Ruin (1657-76) be simply “left out,...
27.09.2011 - 00:00

Starodubshchyna, an ancient Ukrainian land

It is a long time ago that Ukraine lost Starodubshchyna (former Mhlyn, Novozybkiv, Starodub, and Suraz districts of Chernihiv gubernia), one of the greatest pearls of its North. These lands had...
22.09.2011 - 00:00

Dnipro Hydroelectric Station explosion

August 18 marked the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the defense of Zaporizhia in WWII. I am deliberately not using the word “heroic” in order to finally distinguish between heroes...
08.09.2011 - 00:00

Remembering the lessons of history

Memory comes back over and over again to participation of the Ukrainians in a number of important events during World War II, the greatest military cataclysm in history. It is not only about the...
16.08.2011 - 00:00

Vyshhorod Icon of the Mother of God

  If one proceeds from what is laid down in Acts, 13:47 (For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto...
11.08.2011 - 00:00

Two rivals

A historian resembles a gold digger (how much useless sand he has to patiently sift in search of the coveted grains!) or a methodical astronomer who processes for years and decades the data that...
02.08.2011 - 00:00

“Tales passed on from ancient times”

Ivan Franko, this giant of the Ukrainian culture, always took a keen, genuine interest in world and national history. Doubtlessly, his novel Zakhar Berkut ranks with the most important achievements...
23.06.2011 - 00:00

Kyiv. June 22, 1941

Seventy years later, the most significant events of the World War II, traditionally extolled by Soviet propaganda emerge in a different light. Today, one can repeat propaganda adages, as well...
07.06.2011 - 00:00

Lazar Brodsky: the “sugar king’s” charity

“I give money not because I feel like giving but because I am aware that I need and should give.”  (Lazar Brodsky, 19th century)  “We give money to science not...