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“Oleksa Zakharchuk’s Nostalgic Kyiv”

The legacy of one of the best Ukrainian mid-to-late-20th-century landscapists can be seen until February 4
23 January, 2018 - 10:45

The Museum of Kyiv History and the Blue Evening gallery are holding an exhibit of Oleksa Zakharchuk (1929-2013), a brilliant representative of 1960s artists. The legendary Tetiana Yablonska spoke very warmly about her colleague’s oeuvre: “The glorifier of native nature, Oleksa Zakharchuk is an artist with a special vision of the world, with an inner spiritual life of his own which he embodies in landscapes. A splendid drawer, he skillfully knows all the techniques of painting and creates wonderful works in this field of art.”

According to the artist’s daughter, art critic Yulia Zakharchuk, “The ‘roads’ was a special theme in the oeuvre of Oleksa. A lot of pictures were devoted to it. Father often reflected on this topic. His thorny path in art was, at the same time, fair, truthful, and fine. After his passage to Eternity, the artist’s soul goes on speaking to us through his works.”

The artist’s family has given pictures from their private collection for the exhibit “Oleksa Zakharchuk’s Nostalgic Kyiv.” Exhibit organizers point out that the master’s rich artistic legacy devoted to Kyiv can be divided into periods based on years and techniques: on-the-spot pencil sketches and paintings of the 1950s, decorative pastels of the 1960s, and monumental paintings of the 1980s. Sometimes the impression is that different persons created these worlds. But certain inner signs of the city are present in all these different, at first glance, works: above, it is a particular art vision, a penetrating intonation of trustful confession. As a result, works made in different times create an integrative and inimitable image of Kyiv – the way Oleksa Zakharchuk saw it.