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Love and magic

3D cartoon Ruslan and Lyudmila is being made in Kyiv
9 February, 2016 - 11:37
Photo from the website ANIMAGRAD.COM

The animated film’s budget is five million dollars. The full-length cartoon Ruslan and Lyudmila is in production at the Animagrad Studio, Kyiv.

The plot is based on a poem of the same name by Alexander Pushkin, but it has been reformatted and remade. This strange story happened in the age of brave knights, beautiful princesses, and dark wizards. The main character is Ruslan, a wandering performer. He meets Lyudmila, a prince’s daughter. Despite the difference in their social standing, they fall in love with each other. However, their happiness does not last long. One Chernomor, a treacherous wizard, abducts Lyudmila. Ruslan embarks on a quest to find her...

“We will offer a new reading of the classic poem,” producer Yehor Olesov emphasized. “We are preparing a version for foreign audience as well (the film will be called The Stolen Princess and we presented this art project at the international film market in the US recently). The level of our animation impressed foreign partners greatly.

“We use the latest computer technologies in the making of the cartoon. Hollywood consultants helped develop characters. The filming will be done in English. To find voice actors, we are negotiating with agents of Hollywood stars. There will be a lot of songs sung to the sound of live orchestra in it. Meanwhile, popular Ukrainian actors will dub the film in this country.

“The cartoon’s premiere is scheduled for the next year, while the Novy Kanal will show it on Ukrainian TV. By the way, the Animagrad Studio is working on several other feature-length animated films as well, which are Mavka: The Forest Song, Robinson, and Roksolana.”